Starting a fund at the Community Foundation of Johnson County is Easy

We have assisted numerous individuals, families, and businesses to start funds supporting causes they care about. If you join them and start your own charitable giving fund at the CFJC, you will be in good hands…and in good company.

Once you decide to create a fund, our team will help you think through several important considerations and guide you through the process to get your fund started. We look forward to helping you make a positive impact on the causes and communities that matter most to you.

Ready to get started?
Please give us a call to sit down and talk about your charitable goals and interests.

Contact Anne Barber, Director of Philanthropy, at (319) 337-0483 or

  1. What impact do you want your gifts to have? We will assist you in making gifts to the causes you care about and allow you—and your family—to play an active role in your giving. You can focus on a specific interest or issue, your favorite nonprofit organization, or even the needs of a whole community.
  2. When do you want to give? You can make gifts now or we’ll help you and your family plan a gift that will take effect after your lifetime. You may also do both; each type of giving has tax benefits.
  3. What type of gift would you like to give? Some gifts can provide special tax benefits and even generate income to you as a donor. Whether you start a fund of your own or contribute to an existing fund set up by a nonprofit, organization, family, or individual, we are here to help guide you every step of the way. If you wish, we can even work closely with your own professional advisor (CPA, Attorney, Financial Advisor) to make your charitable giving goals a reality.