Coralville Community Endowment Fund

About the Coralville Community Fund

The Coralville Community Fund was launched in 2006 to build, invest, and distribute funds for local nonprofit projects that impact Coralville residents.  By pooling the resources of many individual gifts and building an endowment fund, the Coralville Community Fund will support a broad range of existing and future charitable projects in the community forever.

Grants awarded in 2020

  • Johnson County Historical Society
    • Emergency Operating Support

Grant Opportunity

The Coralville Community Fund Grant Opportunity is open to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations who are based in or significantly serve Coralville, Iowa. The applications will open March 1, 2021 and close March 26, 2021. If you have questions about eligibility or grant requirements, please contact Ellie Moore at

Coralville Community Fund
representatives are:

Keith Jones – Chairperson
Rex Brandstatter – Vice Chair
David Revier – Treasurer
Terry Kaeding – Secretary
John Weihe
Deanna Trumbull
Molly Horton
Dan Blum