Fall Community Impact Grants


Our community is dependent on our local nonprofit organizations’ vital services to create vibrant communities where all people can thrive. The Community Foundation of Johnson County supports these nonprofit organizations through training, convenings, resources, and grantmaking. We are partners in the Better Together 2030 Initiative and are working to align our discretionary grantmaking with the Better Together All in Vision created by and for our community in 2022. Our annual competitive grantmaking is a small portion of the $2.5 million we award each year.

Each year, the Community Foundation of Johnson County receives funding through the County Endowment Fund Program to re-grant to local nonprofit organizations in one (or more) of the following categories: Arts, Culture, & Humanities, Education, Environment & Animals, Health, Human Services, and Public & Societal Benefit. The following are the guidelines for the Community Foundation of Johnson County’s Community Impact Grants, funded through this program. Please read these guidelines completely prior to applying for this grant cycle.


The purpose of the CJFC’s Fall Community Impact Grants is to invest in major projects which substantially increase quality of life for Johnson County residents through services provided by local nonprofit organizations.

There will be five $25,000 grant awards available. Grant requests should be made for $25,000 with budget narratives indicating how the monies will be spent and/or leveraged. We encourage leveraging these funds to secure additional funding to make a larger impact for our community. Please read the full grant guidelines listed below and reach out to the CFJC staff to determine if your request fits this grant cycle.

Nonprofit Info Session

We held a virtual Nonprofit Information Session on Tuesday, July 9th at 12pm to walkthrough the new grant cycle information, share the target funding areas for this cycle, and answer any questions grantees have. The session recording is linked below for your reference. As always, please reach out to Ellie at (319) 337-0483 or Ellie@cfjc.org if you have additional questions.


The following guidelines will detail eligibility requirements, areas for funding, ineligible requests, cycle timelines, reporting requirements, how to apply, and FAQs about the grant cycle. Please read this document fully and chat with the CFJC team prior to submitting your request.

Pre-Read Application

Below is a read-only copy of the 2024 Community Impact Grant Application. Grantees can preview the questions in advance of starting an application draft to ensure their request fits the grant cycle and prepare materials in advance.


The Fall Community Impact Grant Application will be open at the link below beginning August 1, 2024. Please ensure you have read the Grant Guidelines fully prior to applying. Reach out to Ellie Moore with any questions you may have, and/or to ensure your request fits this grant cycle.

Contact the CFJC Team

Ellie Moore


(319) 337-0483


Nonprofit Info Session: July 9, 12pm

Applications Open: August 1

Applications Close: August 31

Decisions to Awardees: Late October

Awards Celebration: TBD November

Grant Report Due: June 30, 2025

FAQs/Helpful Resources