Types of Funds

You can make unique and meaningful contributions through the Community Foundation in a variety of ways, from the ever-popular donor advised fund to an endowed field of interest fund that allows you to have a permanent impact on a cause you care deeply about.

The best way to find out which type of funds will best fit your needs is to contact Shelly Maharry, President & CEO, (319) 337-0483 Ext. 1, Shelly@CFJC.org.

Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a type of charitable giving fund that is established to support a cause (or causes) the donor cares about. A donor advised fund allows the donor to remain involved and active in charitable giving by retaining “advisory privileges” to recommend how the Community Foundation should make grants from that fund. Donor Advised Funds can be permanently endowed or non-endowed. Donor Advised Funds are one of the most popular funds for charitable giving.

Endowed Scholarship Fund

A scholarship fund allows you to provide financial support to deserving students and can support a wide variety of educational opportunities such post-secondary education or trade school and training programs.

Designated Endowment Fund

A Designated Endowment Fund allows you to establish a fund in your name or your family’s name to support a specific nonprofit organization of your choice every year, forever.  This is a great way to leave a lasting legacy of support for your favorite nonprofit.

Nonprofit (Agency) Endowment Funds

Nonprofit Endowment Funds allow a nonprofit organization to establish a permanent pool of assets that will grow over time for lasting financial stability. These funds allow organizations to gain access to the Endow Iowa Tax Credits for donors giving to their endowment funds.

Corporate Giving Fund

Your business can establish its own designated endowed fund, endowed donor advised fund, and non-endowed donor advised fund. Corporate Donor Advised Funds make community giving simpler, no matter the size of your business. Your organization will recommend grants that the Community Foundation staff will administer on your behalf.

Many corporations consider establishing a private foundation as part of an overall philanthropic plan. However, often they are not fully aware of the many challenges associated with managing such a foundation, which can diminish efficiency. The Community Foundation offers an alternative to a corporate foundation though our Corporate Giving Funds. This flexible alternative provides the benefits of a private foundation while freeing companies from the burden of administration. In addition, companies can enjoy greater tax benefits and anonymity, both of which are not possible through a private foundation.

For those who have already established a private foundation, we also offer services to help manage administrative challenges. Whether you are considering  starting a private foundation, or have already established one, let the Community Foundation be your partner in philanthropy.

Community Foundation vs. Private Foundation

Establishing a charitable fund at the Community Foundation of Johnson County has numerous advantages over establishing a private foundation. Benefits of working with us include lower administrative costs, established tax-exempt status, additional tax benefits, professional investment management, no minimum annual distribution, and access to our staff of experts in philanthropy. When working with the Community Foundation, your clients have the option to choose their own investment managers or choose from our investment portfolios.