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Nonprofit Book Club

The CFJC’s Nonprofit Book Club has read and discussed 10 books together, and we welcome you to join us for Book #11! This opportunity is open to anyone – donors, nonprofit partners, and community members. The Nonprofit Book Club is an informal space for professional development, networking, and learning. We hope you can join us.

Leaders Eat Last

Join us for Book #11 – “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek. Simon is a well-known author and speaker best known for his Ted Talk and book, “Start with Why.” A brief description of the book can be found below. We hope you will join us in reading and discussing Simon’s “Leaders Eat Last” over Zoom. Discussion dates and zoom links can be found below. Anyone is welcome to attend!

“In his bestselling sophomore book, Leaders Eat Last, Simon takes us to the next level of understanding why some organizations do better than others by detailing all elements of the leadership challenge. For a company to be successful, its leaders need to understand the true purpose of their organization, and use that purpose as a northstar not only in how they conduct themselves as a business, but also in how they care for those in their charge.” – Simon Sinek’s Website

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Please use the links below to register to join us for any/all of the discussion sessions below! Haven’t had a chance to finish the section’s reading? No worries – join us for friendly conversation and fun anyway!

March 20th, 10am
Parts 1-2


April 3rd, 10am
Parts 3-5


April 17th, 10am
Part 6


April 30th, 10am
Parts 7-8

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Resources mentioned in discussion and shared by book club members:

We Heard It When We Were Young (Chuy Renteria)

Dare to Lead (Brene Brown)

Philanthropy Revolution (Lisa Greer)

The Light We Carry (Michelle Obama)

Changing the World Without Losing Your Mind (Alex Counts)

The Last Suspicious Holdout (Laddee Hubbard)

Made to Stick (Chip & Dan Heath)

Make the Impossible, Possible (Bill Strickland)

No More Duct Tape Fundraising: A Nonprofit Leaders Guide to Raising More Money (Rachel Ramjatten)

Joan Garry’s Guide to Nonprofit Leadership (Joan Garry)