University Heights Community Endowment Fund

University Heights, a city of 1,070 people, was incorporated in 1935. Since then, its citizens have valued their close-knit neighborhoods and sense of community, always seeking to improve the quality of life. Residents are challenged to make a difference by investing in their community with a contribution to the University Heights Community Fund (UHCF), which began in 2007. Recent enhancements made possible by this fund include the community garden, “buddy benches” at Ernest Horn Elementary School, and a community-wide picnic for all citizens last August at which we enjoyed wood-fired pizzas. Currently, UHCF dollars are being used to improve the public facilities on Melrose Avenue. The next community-wide fundraiser will be in June 2019.

University Heights Community Fund representatives are:

Chris Anderson
Linda Fincham
Katy Herbold
Rosanne Hopson
Jan Leff
Chris Luzzie