Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives

The Community Foundation of Johnson County has multiple initiatives outside of our grantmaking, convening, and community leadership roles in Johnson County. We strive to connect those who care with those who need and the following initiatives are examples of those connections happening in our community.

The Better Together 2030 Initiativeis not an initiative of the Community Foundation of Johnson County. It is a community-wide collaborative strategic vision which the CFJC supports. The Community Foundation’s Board of Directors determined this community-wide strategic plan and its implementation were a great fit with the mission and vision of our organization and in September 2022 the CFJC made a $50,000 investment in the Better Together 2030 Vision. We continue to be partners in the work, with Community Foundation staff co-leading the work of Pillar 5 – Re-imagined Human and Social Services.

At the Community Foundation of Johnson County, we know that a thriving community simply cannot exist where all are not welcomed, invited to the table, protected, and regarded as equal.

To support this important work, our board of directors established the Inclusive Johnson County Fund in the summer of 2020. The fund will provide financial support for community outreach and education, promote diversity and inclusion within nonprofit organizations, support cultural events, and much more.

The Community Foundation of Johnson County is dedicated to supporting and strengthening nonprofit organizations across the county. We provide grants, educational programming, networking opportunities and connections to build a strong nonprofit sector to best serve our community. The CFJC  provides these resources through what we call the Johnson County Nonprofit Alliance.