CFJC Conference Room Dedication to Dean Price

Dean Price joined the Community Foundation Board of Directors in 2001 and has been serving our organization and the Johnson County community ever since! Dean currently serves as the CFJC Board Treasurer, a role he has played for us for many years. Dean’s positive attitude, breadth of knowledge, and ability to make anyone around him feel comfortable are just a few of the reasons he has been such a large part of the success of the CFJC. To honor him and the commitment he has made, and continues to make, to the CFJC, Charlie Nusser (Board President, 2020) and the Board of Directors dedicated the CFJC Conference Room to Dean. Our Dean Price Conference Room is a place where donor relationships are built, nonprofit organizations can come together and work, CFJC staff can collaborate and strategize, and our Board of Directors can meet to guide the work of the Community Foundation. We are so proud to have this space in our office dedicated to Dean and his contributions to the CFJC. All our gratitude to Dean for his work to strengthen and grow our community through the CFJC!

August 9, 2021

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