LGBTQ 101 for Service Providers

Session Description

This training aims to cover basic terminology and foundational knowledge for service providers working with clients in the LGBTQ community.  Best practices for both administrative and relational interactions will be covered, as well as introducing the basics of understanding evolving terminology and the current needs of this varied population.  Suggestions for further resources, and information about current status of this community in Iowa and the country will discussed.


Tim Grady, United Action for Youth

Speaker Bio

Tim Grady, United Action for Youth

I have been working as a mental health therapist for almost 10 years, and at United Action for Youth for almost four.  Prior to this, I worked in Boston serving LGBTQ youth of color, and in San Francisco. I have had the honor of working with many diverse communities in my professional life, including: the Transgender/Gender Non-conforming community, survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking, people living with HIV, communities of color, and people in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Session Co-Host

Nonprofit Alliance Educational Session: LGBTQ 101 for Service Providers

Event Details

August 10, 2022

12-1pm, Zoom

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