Secondary Trauma & Burnout in NPO Professionals

Session Description

What are our bodies telling us about burnout? Join Amy for a conversation on about how stress and secondary trauma affect our bodies and can lead to burnout.  Practice mindfulness and breathwork in order to create a self-care practice that energizes the body and mind and wards off burnout.


Amy Kahle, United Action for Youth

Speaker Bio

Amy Kahle, United Action for Youth

Amy Kahle is the Intervention Program Director at United for Youth.  She comes from the Iowa City School District where she worked as a Student and Family Advocate, focusing on supporting students with mental health concerns.   She is trained in Dialectic Behavioral Therapy and Critical Incident Stress Management.  She is passionate about mindfulness and breathwork in her approach to self-care.

Session Co-Host

Nonprofit Alliance Educational Session: Secondary Trauma & Burnout in NPO Professionals

Event Details

May 11, 2022

12-1pm, Zoom

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