CFJC Unveils New Strategic Plan, Mission, and Vision

A new year brings joy, hope, and renewed energy. And for the CFJC – a new strategic plan, mission statement, and vision! This past year, our Board of Directors and staff did a lot of reflection and forecasting for the years ahead. We took a look through data, historical information on grantmaking, community needs, and areas of growth for the Community Foundation. We reflected on the challenges we’ve faced as an organization, as community partners, and as neighbors. We looked ahead to areas of opportunity and engagement, and we spent many hours together dreaming of ways the CFJC can continue to be a resource, convener, leader, and partner in years to come. Out of all this reflection and goal setting came our new strategic plan, which we share with you now.

The 2022-2027 CFJC “Bridge to Our Future” Strategic Plan is a multifaceted approach to goal-setting and guideposts for our work. We share with you below a snapshot of the plan as well as updated mission and vision statements which better align with the work we are and aspire to do in our communities. We hope you will continue to come alongside us in this important work of “Connecting communities who care with causes that matter to support sustainable change.” We strive to live toward our vision “to be the trusted leader of charitable giving; supporting donors, nonprofit organizations, and our communities” and we hope you will help us to achieve that aspiration.

Finally, we share a copy of our most recent annual report with you. This report shares a handful of the many stories of giving and serving that we were part of this year. We hope reading these stories brings you the joy, hope, and renewed energy to continue your great work here in our community. We thank you for all you do, and for allowing us to be your partner in charitable giving!

January 1, 2023

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