What We Can Do Together: CFJC Provides Non-Financial Assistance

Project Better Together, a community initiative driven by the Iowa City Area Business Partnership, Think Iowa City, Iowa City Area Development Group, and the Iowa City Downtown District, recently granted $51,950 to 33 local businesses who self-identified as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) or Immigrant owned who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The funds were granted to assist with both short-term and long-term recovery efforts.

The Community Foundation of Johnson County assisted Project Better Together through providing expertise on granting processes, hosting of the application and evaluation process through our grants system, and staff support and assistance.

Funding of the project came from the Project Better Together Holding Our Own Shop Local program. This program’s goal is to spur local spending by providing an incentive of a $20 gift card for every $150 spent at local qualifying businesses. An additional $5 is donated to the BIPOC & Immigrant Business Grant Fund.

Outside of our own grantmaking, the CFJC also provides non-financial assistance for local organizations and causes. The partnerships and relationships we are able to create with our community has allowed us to continue to support causes, organizations, and projects in a variety of ways. We are proud to be part of the Project Better Together Initiatives, and we continue to look for ways we are able to connect those who care with those who need.

September 2020

For more information about the project, please visit the Project Better Together website.

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